Kombucha stake in nanjing r&d center in nanjing major projects focus on opening ceremony publisher: time:2015-08-27 click: 2394

On the morning of April 27, "2015 China Nanjing science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship major projects meeting" 70 major industrial projects, kangpu company is located in nanjing jiangbei district hold opening ceremony. Kombucha stake in research and development, deep processing and marketing center, nanjing kombucha industrial park project, attend the opening ceremony as a representative of the new district in the north of the great project. The project total investment 1 billion yuan, design production capacity, 60-8 billion yuan, mainly engaged in mainly highland of seabuckthorn and Chinese wolfberry plant raw material plant extract and depth development, high quality life for human health, provide first-class raw materials and end products in the middle.

Period, jiangsu provincial committee, nanjing municipal party committee secretary Huang Lixin, mayor MiaoRuiLin, appoint secretary QuWeiMin and min of kaibeite hi-tech zone such as leadership, director of the event, held cordial talks with nanjing kombucha ai-min yu, general manager of company, understand the progress of the project, affirmed the kombucha based on the whole industrial chain and technology research and development as the core of health industry development train of thought, hope project can put into production DaXiao as soon as possible, to achieve good operation.

After the opening ceremony, kombucha stake in nanjing industrial park will grasp building project, for "to a new level, the construction of new nanjing" and speed up the building, jiangbei district, make greater contribution!